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Small Cnc Gantry Processing Center
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Small Cnc Gantry Processing Center

Brand : Qinghong

Product origin : Qingdao

Delivery time : generally about 1 month

Supply capacity : 100 units

1. high-precision spindle bearings, to ensure that the main milling head of high performance, high precision, ram milling head also uses liquid-assisted cylinder balance, smooth movement.

2. Optimal design and configuration of X,Y-axis guide pair ensure the machine has good performance even under heavy load. Both X-axis and Y-axis adopt overweight linear motion guide rail or steel rolling block guide rail with large load and high precision High; super heavy CNC machine X-axis hydrostatic guide rail is used to achieve frictionless transmission, rail life long.

3. Y-axis beam rails using step design, to ensure long-term stability of machine tool machining accuracy.

4. three-axis drive are imported high-density preloaded ball screw or double gear a rack without gap transmission, so as to ensure the transmission accuracy.

5. three-axis drive and spindle motor without AC servo and AC spindle motor.

6. Three-axis feedback photoelectric encoder to achieve semi-closed-loop position feedback, but also based on user requirements, the use of grating to achieve full closed-loop position feedback to improve machine accuracy.

7. the moving parts of the machine are equipped with adjustable timing quantitative dilute oil lubrication device, the machine is in good working condition every hour.

machine tool modelQHTXK1320QHTXK1330QHTXK1620QHTXK1630QHTXK2020QHTXK2030
Workbench  area (W & L)mm1000X20001000X30001300X20001300X30001600X20001600X3000
Longmen widthmm135013501650165020502050
Workbench maximum load-bearingT556688
Workbench T-slot (slot number slot width)piece/mm4X224X225X225X227X227X22
Workbench longitudinal stroke length (X-axis)mm200030002000300020003000
Slide horizontal stroke length (Y axis)mm155018502250
Rake vertical stroke length (Z axis)mm600
Spindle end surface and table maximum distancemm800
Spindle hole taper
Spindle speed rangeturn/min3锝?000(6000)
Spindle motor powerKW15/18.5
XYZ axis working feedratemm/min5锝?000
X-axis rapid movement speedmm/min8000
Y-axis fast moving speedmm/min8000
Z axis rapid traverse speedmm/min5000
Positioning, repeat positioning accuracy
Implementation of JB / T8330.1-1996 accuracy standards
Tool magazine capacity (XHF24 series configuration)Put24 (user optional)
Machine dimensions (L 脳 W 脳 H)mm6000脳3300脳36008000脳3300脳36006000脳3600脳36008000脳3600脳36006000脳4200脳36008000脳4200脳3600
Machine weightT182220262832
Note: can be customized according to user requirements.




High efficiency and reversibility, zero backlash and high rigidity, high lead precision Predictable life expectancy, Low starting torque and smoothness, Silent short delivery is better than The advantages of gas-hydraulic actuators.


With high precision, high torque, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high speed ratio, long life, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise, precise positioning, exquisite appearance, small and lightweight, Features.


1. protection class IP55, high protection will extend the service life.

2. Class F insulation insulation, insulation system to improve life expectancy.

3. the voltage level Three-phase AC 380 volts Frequency 50Hz

4. the choice of high-quality grease, extending bearing life.



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